Chisom’s Achy’s Beauty Products To The Rescue


What distinguishes Chinenye in the crowd is her long natural hair that has complimented her beauty from birth. In her school, village, church, and family, her hair has been a referral.

After her West African School Certificate (WASC) examination, Chinenye wanted to pep up her beauty and the first part to touch is the hair. She bought a hair relaxer and off to the hair-stylist. Chinenye came out dazzling and glowing with the hairdo. And her confidence grows.

Two weeks later, the unexpected happened. Her hair started to get weak and breaking off. By the third week, she was full of regret because she had bought a sub-standard hair relaxer and she has paid dearly for it.

It is for people like Chinenye that Achy’s beauty products by Chisom came into the business to redeem such an unexpected situation.

Beauty brands find innovative ways to stand out from competitors, and that is what Chisom has been doing with her range of products, which has now become one of the irresistible brands using local ingredients.


Whenever Chisom introduces her products to clients as a solution to their various skin and hair challenges, the client always comes back wearing a big smile.

There are lots of benefits using her products both the hair and the skincare ranges which the ingredients are safe for all ages, effective, mild, tender to the skin, and hair.

Nkwocha Chisom Anderline’s knowledge for her business was sharpened with her background in Science laboratory technology for which she has an Ordinary National Diploma and later, the Higher National Diploma in Environmental Biology obtained from the Federal Polytechnic Nekede.

Chisom, a native of Imo combined the commercial attributes of an Igbo from Imo state and the smartness of a Lagosian where she was bred.

She drew inspiration from caring for people, the environment, and herself. She is a highly organised person and a team player who also loves traveling, reading, and meeting new people. Her knowledge as an environmental biologist helped her understand the ingredients in their natural forms, and their usage to impact beauty and her business.

While in school, she ventured into makeup artistry skills and sales of cosmetics and after her National youth service (NYSC) she continued her business by creating a niche for herself in the beauty industry.

She had a long-time experience with a multi-solution beauty outfit, from where she started producing her hair and skincare products for treating skin and hair challenges using 100 percent plant-based ingredients.

Chisom has a range of natural hair and skin products that derive their roots in local ingredients.

”With the availability of coconut trees where I get the oil, promoting plants of different kinds of trees, I incorporate Neem leaves in my hair products, I know my roots very well and I am a proud science student” she proudly speaks.

She boasted that her products give confidence and boost clients’ self-esteem by pampering their skin and hair even without make-up.

What really pushed her into the venture was the facial challenge while being a teenager with pimples on her face.

“I have always had a passion for taking care of others and myself. Growing up as a young girl in my early years, I loved to assist my mum and aunties dress up for their occasions to look beautiful especially with their faces and headgear. I remember I started shaping eyebrows from my mother’s roadside shop, I will look at your face and tell you “aunty, please let me shape your brows”. I also had issues with pimples as a teenager and one of my aunties will call me from time to time to steam my face with natural things like native sponge and potash to masks my face. So, over the years I realized I can offer my services with love, put smiles on other people’s faces, and get paid,” she narrates.

What is today known as Achy’s products, started with N100,000, coming from friends and families, who believed in her capabilities to make things happen.

Her educational background as an Environmental Biologist, also ensures that Achy’s Beauty products are chemical-free, non-toxic, and safe for its users and, drawing from the unique selling proposition of capacity or ability to give people access to beauty through natural and organic materials.

Achy’s beauty care products are made from natural products, and ingredients that were used in their organic/refined form and making them very affordable,” She says.

The strength of Achy’s product is the fact that the raw materials are sourced from Nigeria’s rural villages. This is now, helping the brand to penetrate the Nigerian Market while available in supermarkets, hairdressing stores, individual stores, and beauty houses. Social media is playing a role in creating awareness on Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp.  Achy also runs promo sales by giving a discount on the products.

The targets are those who desire to use a chemical-free product, people who want to pamper their skin and hair with natural products without any side effects, and get good results by being consistent with the product.

“I do a lot of sensitization through my social media handles, educating my prospects and existing clients on the importance of using chemical-free products, it is one thing to have a good product, it is another thing to know how to use them, so I ensure I follow up my clients, my consultation is free. There are already clients from the USA” she informs.

The venture is also with challenges. “I encountered so many challenges, starting up my business, among the few was getting my mother to see me as an entrepreneur that I am, she preferred I worked for a company when I can actually be my own boss, train and employ others. Another challenging factor was penetrating into the market to get more consumers and getting funds to fully increase production capacity.

She wants to expand the business but finance has been a constraint. “To expand the business, she will require some millions of Naira to rent an office space and an outlet for sales and rendering services like facial and body treatment to our customers. “We will also use space for production. The investment will also cover machines like industrial mixers, sealing machines, and others. Part of the investment will be used as a working capital”, For these, she needs between N6 and N8 million.

Like other businesses, the lockdown from coronavirus outbreak also affected Chisom but she believes the country’s huge population which has a lot of opportunities will help build her business.

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