Swedish firm, Greenland Resources plan 1.5m tonne pulp mill in Cross Rivers

Swedish firm, Greenland Resources is seeking degraded land in Cross Rivers for a pulp mill to produce 1.5million tones annually.
The mill which seek to generate over 14,000 jobs on establishment with a projected turn-over of $1.2 billion annually is already in discussion with investors and banks to source the required funds for its take off.
Torbjorn Johansson, President, Greenland Resources assured of no adverse effect on the state Eco system and rules out deforestation
Nigeria currently boasts of 160 million population which enables huge workforce and in addition to the security of the state are the determinants for firm to settle in Cross Rivers according to Johansson.
“We have been trying round the world to find a place to site the firm and were very close to giving up, but the Sweden Embassy in Nigeria advised us to come to Calabar, so we are here”.
Besides its main products, Bio fuel, viscos, bio plastic products and raw materials for carbon fiber are also products to come from the mill on establishment.

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