New HOS, Oyo-Ita assures of civil service efficiency.


Worried by the stigma of inefficiency in the public sector, the Acting Head of the Civil Service of the Federation Winifred Ekanem Oyo-Ita has pledged to redress and restore integrity and dignity of the federal civil service

The service, especially the office of the Head of Service of the Federation had been rocked by scandals including the pension scam in which senior government officials siphoned away, billions of Naira, Oyo-Ita however assured she will work to make civil servants to be efficient, productive, incorruptible and citizen- centered.

She spoke Thursday during an extra-ordinary service wide meeting of Federal Permanent Secretaries where she pledged that the service will be innovative and proactive by devising strategies and action plans that will assist the government in addressing the current challenges by rendering services in a most professional, efficient, timely and effective way.

She warned of a new dawn, stressing that time has come for new innovations, better efficient and proactive attitudes to ensure better service delivery to the citizens of Nigeria.

She stressed that more demands will be made while the government will also ensure that the workers’ skills are updated to meet up with added responsibilities.

“Under my leadership, there is going to be more structured training because we need to develop capacity, if you are making demands from your staff, you have to give them the basic training, the tools to execute their duties, the service should also expect that there will be enhanced performance management and measurement and that there shall be a definite structure for rewards and penalties for those who are failing short and those who are excelling must be rewarded with incentives to survive, we are going to develop more in the area of succession planning”. She said

“It is the collective responsibility of all officers in the service to protect the image of the service, ensure public confidence and trust in the system, otherwise the service will be left out of the scheme of things”.

According to her, the new civil servant shall be called“The EPIC Civil Servant”. Signifying efficiency, productivity, incorruptibility and citizen-centered.

This she said, “shall be the ethos of the new Civil Service and on a daily basis, the Civil Servant should be proud to make the following declarations: I am efficient, Iam productive, Iam incorruptible and Iam citizen-centered”.

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