How we siphoned millions of pension money, by Suspects


As you sit reading this story, there is the tendency for you to want to think this is a fiction or another epic buster from the Nollywood series – going by the setting, the characters involved, and the novelty of the theft; but do not be deceived, this is no make-belief. What you are reading is not only true, but a real life story.

The characters are those involved in the fraudulent act that drained the pension funds. The setting is the Office of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) where pension suspects, with shame, gave chilling confessional statements on their heist and near-clinical perfection of their exploits at stealing from the pension funds. Like parrots, they sang when the long arms of the law eventually caught up with them.

The entire saga has also brought to fore, the nation’s top banks and bankers operating in our financial system  and their disappointing and disgusting roles at helping to perpetrate and perpetuate the fraud that ran into billions of Naira. Aside this, it also exposes laxity and supervisory gaps in the supervision of the nation’s banking system by the banking sector regulator, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), that could not strictly enforce code of corporate governance, a situation which has led to the death of millions of our elderly citizens who were deprived of reaping, in their old age what they had labored and sown all their years, believing that when their bones get tired, they would find solace and succor from  pension to fall back on.

The pension scam has thus thrown up lots of questions. How effective is CBN’s monitoring of the banks? Who monitors banks’ compliance with the Know-Your-Customers (KYC) initiatives designed to nip frauds? What guides banks’ employment strategies, as well as measures to keep tab on employees?

The scam is also a reflection of what the civil service has become, an avenue for stealing and also the get-rich-quick syndrome of Nigerians which has destroyed the fabric of the society.

InsideBusiness now brings you yet, another in its pension scam sleaze series. Again and as usual, we are detailing how the pension scam was woven and perpetrated, according to authentic EFCC documents endorsed by the suspects and submitted to the Federal High Court, Abuja.

The suspects, according to the document spoke of how they, with the assistance of fraudulent bankers aided government officials to siphon billions of money from the pension accounts at the Office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation (OHCSF).

DECLAN OKPALA. (Unedited confessional statement).

I am Declan Okpala, born into the family of David Okpala and Emmelde Okpala on May 5, 1958 at Uga town in Anambra State of Nigeria. My wife is late Mrs. Martha Okpala and we have five kids. I attended St. Johns Primary School, Onitsha and had my secondary education at St. Peter’s College Achina in Anambra State.

After my education, I served my master at Onitsha for some years before I started my business at Idah in Kogi State in 1980. I am into sales of handsets and electronics and minor contracts.

I know Dr. Sani Shaibu when he was at Idah Federal Polytechnic and the time he was working at Lokoja till he came to Abuja.He is my friend. I don’t know anything about Suntrust Properties Company limited. A man told me that he saw my name as one of the directors of Suntrust in newspaper at a beer parlor, but I told him that I know nothing about the company. I am also not the account holder of Egbunu Attah Ltd.

I remember, Dr. Sani Shaibu told me to bring my passport for him to open account so that he can help me by giving me some help to expand my business. I am not a signatory to the account and I don’t know how he runs the account. Dr. Sani is the signatory to the account. He called me and issued me a cheque to collect a draft of N50,000,000 in favour of Muha Motors. He signed the cheque in my presence on the 3rd of April 2009. Dr. Sani called me and gave me a cheque of N50 million in my name, Declan Okpala. The name of the account owner is Egbunu Attah Investment. The cheque was dated 3rd April 2009, it was signed by Shaibu in my presence. After that, I went to the bank and raised a draft which I brought back to Dr. Shaibu.

With regards to Smart Investment Ltd. (I opened the account for my own use, but later Dr. Shaibu took charge of the account from me and changed the mandate signatory to his own and put my passport photograph and Malla Isah Abu’s passport photograph on the mandate form). I own the company. I registered it about twelve years ago. I opened account with the company in UBA Onitsha, Afribank, Idah, and Oceanic Bank, Idah. I opened UBA account with the sum of N5,000 (Five Thousand Naira) and I have not done transactions on it. Shortly after opening the account, Dr. Shaibu collected the account from me, saying that he will help me with some money to boost my business which he did not do. He collected the mandate from the bank and changed to a new one which he is a signatory to. The directors are myself, Declan Okpala and Isah in the new mandate. Registering the N19,000,000 that was deposited to Smart Investment Ltd from Omeamali Ventures, I remember that there was a time one fat short man gave Dr. Shaibu two cheques of N7,500,000 and another N9,500,000 which I paid into Smart Investment Ltd for Dr. Shaibu, Sani Shaibu told me to pay in the money to that account. I also remember in February 2009, he gave me some money to deposit into Egbunu Attah in UBA account.

I wish to state as follow that I am not the owner of Egbunu Attah Investment Nig. Co. and I am not the owner of the account opened at UBA Bank, Idah. The owner of the account is Dr. Sani Shaibu, he only told me that he will help me expand my business that was why he collected my passport photograph and fixed it on the account opening form. He, Dr. Sani Shaibu is the signatory to the account, he normally signs two signatures on the cheque any time he gives me cheques to withdraw money for him.

I am aware that he wanted to use my passport photograph to open account with UBA, Idah branch. The other signatory on the account opening package, Isah Abu is known to me through Dr. Sani Shaibu. Isah Abu is his younger brother. The reason why I know that Isah Abu doesn’t sign the cheques is that anytime Dr. Sani Shaibu gives me, he normally signs two signatures on the cheque by himself in my presence.

I was the one that gave my National I.D Card to Dr. Sani Shaibu to open account with UBA Idah. Any cheque Dr. Sani gives me to withdraw money, if I withdraw the money, I will take the money to him Dr. Shaibu Sani. I have never done any errand for him using the money I withdrew. I acted as a referee to the account Egbunu Attah Investment. I signed as Smart Investment Ltd and not as Okpala Declan.

The manager of UBA Idah called me to his office to sign reference form for Egbunu Attah Investment account. I only wrote my name and address and my signature on the form. The rest was not written by me. I have no dealings with her in respect of Egbunu Attah Investment. It was only once that I went with Isah Abu to withdraw money from Egbunu Attah’s account and that money was shared to the relatives of Dr. Sani Shaibu. He once gave me a cheque of N50,000,000 in my name, Declan Okpala to go to UBA Idah to raise a draft in favour of Muha motors, when I came back with the draft of N50,000,000 I gave it to Dr. Sani Shaibu. I collected fix deposit form which I gave to Dr. Sani Shaibu. After filling the form, I returned them to the manager of UBA Idah, the form returned were signed by Dr. Sani Shaibu.

I have never been paid by any staff of UBA Idah to confirm any cheque from Egbunu Attah’s account, and I have not confirmed for Jennifa or any staff of Egbunu Attah’s account.

2. Stanley Obioma Iwu.

Most businessmen have always been ready tool for corrupt government officials and because they transact huge businesses and generate income in large volumes, they provide a safe haven for stolen money. So, when the corrupt government officials in the Pension Department in the Office of the Head the Civil Service of the Federation, were looking for like minds, Stanley Iwu Obioma, a.k.a Uche, perfectly fits into the crooked plot.

Iwu Stanley Obioma, married to Lilian Iwu, hails from Ikediru in Imo State. A businessman and a contractor, Stanley Iwu was a front for both Phina Ukamaka Chidi and Sani Teidi Shaibu, the two former directors in the pension office of the OHCSF,according to the documents from the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) submitted to the Federal High Courts, Abuja.

Stanley Iwu was able to accomplish the tasks set out for him using his five companies, 10 companies belonging to his friends, and seven ghost pensioners including himself to siphon money. EFCC investigations revealed that a total sum of N376.6 million was traced to his five companies, exclusive of others, that went to the cronies.

Below is Stanley Iwu’s confessions to the EFCC

My name is Iwu Stanley Obioma, from Ikediru in Imo State. I am a Political Science Student of University of Abuja, married with a child. My wife’s name is Mrs. Lilian Iwu.

I am a contractor with the Pensions Department of the Head of Civil Service. Dr. Shaibu who was the Director, invited me to his office because he had been my customer at the school where I was selling electronics. He then introduced me to his department director, Mrs. Phina Chidi.

My companies were genuinely awarded contracts for the supply of office equipment and furniture in the offices. The only contract that we did not take part in was the biometrics capturing. The director and deputy director bought some personal household items like electronics and furniture. The contracts that were awarded to my companies were not advertised and we did not bid for them.

My companies are – Mobis Point Investment Ltd, Essential Gadgets Ventures, Obesla Enterprises, Computer Plaza and Shallow Well Ventures. I was asked by the Director to give my company names to Mrs. Chidi, the deputy director for the purpose of contract awards. The director I am referring to is Dr. Shaibu.

My company, Computer Plaza with account in Zenith Bank was paid N19,708,000 for the purpose of Biometric Capturing, which was for office equipment, which he gave to me. The sum of N8,542,000 and N9,900,000 were paid into the accounts which were for biometrics. These monies were given to Mrs. Chidi. The sum of N723,809, N814,285 and N3,985,000 were all paid into his accounts for various supplies which were made at the Pension Department of Head of Civil Service of the federation.

Mr. Eli Ckukwu Oformata is a friend of mine. I told him I was being owed money at the Head of Service office and that he should give me his name and account number to get the money out. The name was given to Mrs. Chidi by me, and the sum of N2,810,000 and N3,980,000 were paid into his account, out of which I gave him N100,000, took N500,000 and gave the balance to Mrs. Chidi. She was the person that said I should bring the name so that it will be treated as pension gratuity and arrears.

I want to state here that from Biometric Capturing and Cleaning Services, monies which was given to Mrs. Chidi, was over N70,000,000 and to Shaibu, the director, through me. I usually take the money to his house in Wuye. In some cases, I give him directly or to his driver, Lawal. Also, on some occasions, Mrs. Chidi sends me with packages in cartons or briefcases which I suspect to be money to give to Mr. Shaibu. At times, I give him personally or to his driver.

I wish to also state that, I know one Mr. Omo a staff of Oceanic Bank Plc. He was introduced to me by Mrs. Phina Chidi. On a number of occasions, Mrs. Chidi instructed me to go to his bank in Wuse II Abuja to collect various sums of money. I cannot give actual details of the amount involved because in most cases, the money is packaged in briefcase or cartons. On the instruction of Mrs. Chidi, I take much of the monies to Dr. Shaibu, while I give some of the money to Mrs. Chidi. These incidents all took place in 2010.

I wish to add that one Mr. Ikenna, a staff of Zenith Bank told me that he was instructed to pay some sums of money from an account in the name of Goddy Mbagn with Account number 6320300232 into my company accounts – Shallow Well Ent., Computer Plaza and S.S. Badejo Enterprises. This money were withdrawn and given to Mrs. Chidi and Dr. Shaibu whom he told me instructed him to pay in these monies to the accounts. I was not aware of the payments before they were made into these accounts. These monies were given to Mrs. Chidi in her office at the Head of Service and the ones for Dr. Shaibu were given to him in his house in Wuye. On the instruction of the deputy director, Shallow Well received the sum of N5,650,000 on the 29/03/2010, the sum of N2,700,000 was paid on the 3/06/2010 and N2,700,000 was paid into Computer Plaza account on the 7/06/2010. I don’t specifically know what the monies are meant for. For withdrawing these monies and giving it to them, no interest or money was given to me in return. There is no particular return for dividing the money. The deputy director simply instructs me on how much to give to the director/Shaibu and the director takes the bigger share. These monies are given to them either in leather bags or (Ghana must go) or Lap Top cartons.

The sum of N830,000 was paid into the accounts of S.S Badejo on the 11/6/2010 from the account of Grace EnyemaAccount number of Zenith Bank. This money was paid into my accounts by Ikenna. I don’t know the Grace Enyema. These monies were given to Mrs. Chidi and Dr. Shaibu. A total sum of N2,880,000 was paid into Shallow Well account by Mr. Ikennafrom the account of Chiwe  Ezetl on 1/2/2010 account number 6220302858 Zenith Bank.

Also, the sum of N190,000 was paid into Shallow Well account on 3/3/2010 from the same Chinwe Eze account. The monies were withdrawn and given to Mrs. Chidi and the director Dr. Shaibu. The sum was paid into the Shallow Well Ent. account on the 2/2009 from the account of Yakubu Aminu, also the sum of N300,000 was paid into Lopee Ventures account from the same Mr. Ikenna. The Monies were also withdrawn and given to Mrs. Chidi and Dr. Shaibu.

The sum of N7,000,000 into the account of Mobes Point on the 23/9/2009. Also, the sum of N2,400,000 was paid into Computer Plaza, on the 30/12/2009. Also, the sum of N2,000,000 was paid into Computer Plaza) Mobes Point on the 11/1/2010. Also, the sum of N3,900,000 was paid into Shallow Well account on the 22/3/2010. The sum of N9,500,000 was paid into the Shallow Well account on the 25/05/2010.

In addition to my earlier statement of 29 March 2011, I wish to state as follows that, Mrs. Chidi, Deputy Director Pension Accounts Office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation introduced me to Mr. Odili whom I understood was a pensioner. He asked me to follow them and collect some money.

We went to Diamond Bank in Central Area and that was on the 4 February 2010. Mr. Odili and a colleague of his, whose name I don’t know, gave me the sum of N5,000,000 and on the 2nd of February also, the same Mr. Odili also gave me the sum of N10,000,000 on the 20 of April 2010, the same Mr. Odili gave me another N8,000,000. On 7 May, at the same Diamond Bank, he gave (Mr. Odili) the sum of N10,000,000 on the 13/05/2010, I collected again from Mr. Odili the sum of N10,000,000 on the 14/05/2010, I also collected the sum of N10,000,000 from the same Mr. Odili. On the 19 May, also, I got the sum of N10,000,000 from the same Mr. Odili. On the 20/05/2010, Mr. Odili gave me the sum of N20,000,000 and on the 22/05/2010 Mr. Odili gave me the sum of N5,603,250.

On the instruction of Mrs. Phina Chidi, I cannot remember exactly how much she asked me to give to the director Dr. SaniShaibu but on different occasions, I give up to N50,000,000 to Dr. Shaibu at his house in Wuye, while the balance was given to  Mrs Chidi in her office at the Head of service.

Also, I wish to state here that I know Mr. Shehu Malami, a friend of mine who has a shop at Sheraton Hotel in Zone 4, Wuse. I approached him sometime in early 2009 to use his companies to execute some supplies in Head of Civil Service of the Federation. He gave me the permission and I used two of his companies, Golden Egg Nig. Ltd and Infrared Systems and Securities Ltd. After the supplies were made, payments were made and I informed him about the payment. I met him and he transferred the monies into my account, Mobes Point Investment Ltd in Zenith Bank and Ebesta Enterprises in Oceanic Bank. A total N20,717,439 was paid into these accounts after the CoT charges were withdrawn. On a number of occasions, I render some financial assistance to him but not based on the transactions above, even before transactions. I used to assist him.

And also on 11/06/2010, the sum of N4,545,000 was paid into the accounts of Shallow

Well Enterprises. All these monies were paid in by Mr. Ikenna. The monies were withdrawn and given to Dr. Shaibu and Mrs. Phina Chidi.

Legans Technologies Ltd is a company owned by a friend of mine. On many occasions I used his company to execute some contracts for the office of the head of Civil Service of the Federation.  On 9/01/2008, I deposited a cheque of N855,000 which was for contract done at Head of Service and on 21/1/2008, I deposited another cheque of N855,000 which was also for contract done at the Head of Service. On 24/1/2008, he paid into the account of Mobes Point Investment on the 13/1/2009. I paid in two cheques from Head of Service of N859,523.80 each which were for contracts done in the Pension Office of Head of Civil Service. On the 16/01/2009, the sum of N1,700,000 was paid into the accounts of Mobes Point which represents money for the cheques deposited into his account by me.

On the 5/03/2010 the sum of N8,000,000 was paid to Mobes Point, which was money paid into his account for the supply of Computer Consumables made by me in the office of the head of Service. On 24/05/2010, the sum of N4,800,000 was paid into the accounts of Shallow Well enterprises which was money paid into his accounts for supplies of Computers and also,another payment of N4,000,000 was paid into Mobes Point Ltd that same day, which all represents to the Office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation on the 5/1/2010. The sum of N9,200,000 was paid in from the account of Suliman Kulu of account number 6320300184 by Mr. Ikenna into the same account of S.S Badejo, also from the same account the sum of N2,000, 000 was paid into the account of Shallow Well Enterprises on11/03/2010. These monies were withdrawn and given to Mrs. Chidi and Dr. Shaibu.

On 28/12/2009, the amount of N5,800,000 was paid into the account of Shallow Well Enterprises from Mr. Ikenna from the account of Daniel – with account number 6220302841. Also, some money was paid into the accounts of Computer Plaza on 7/1/2010 from the same account, on the 11/1/2010, the amount of N2,600,000 was paid into the account of S.S BadejoEnterprises. On the 25/5/2010, the sum of N2,960,000 was paid into the account of Shallow Well Enterprises. These were withdrawn and given to Mrs. Chidi and Dr. Shaibu.

On the 7/1/2010, the sum of N7,000,000 was paid into the account of Shallow Well from the account of one Akomah by Mr. Ikenna. On the 3/3/2010, the amount of N2,900,000 was paid into the account of Shallow Well Enter. also by Ikenna. On the 11/6/2010, the sum of N2,940,000 was paid into the Shallow Well account. These monies were withdrawn and given to Mrs. Chidi and Dr. Shaibu.

Also, sum of N4,607,500 was paid into Shallow Well Enterprises through Fair winds Travels and Tours Ltd by Mr. Ikenna; I actually don’t know the owner of the company. This money was withdrawn and given to Mrs. Chidi and Dr. Shaibu.

Rumur Go Integrated Services Ltd is a company owned Mr. Ahijo, a friend of mine. I got some supplies for the supply of office equipment in the Office of the Head of Service (and I asked for) with his company name. The contract was executed and payment was made, he paid the sum of N4,540,000.00 into Mobes Point account on the 22/1/2010. Also, on the 8/3/2010, a cash payment of N4,200,000.00 was given to me by Mr. Ahijo. Also on the 9/3/2010 the sum of N3,000,000 and N1,000,000 cash given to me by him. The monies represent payments for the computer consumables supplies in the office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation. The said account is a Zenith Bank account with number (621030034) 6112603832.

The Legans Technologies Nig. Ltd mentioned above belongs to Mr. Chinedu Ilozumba, a friend of mine. About the pensioners mentioned above, I don’t know any of them in person and if I played any role in their opening of accounts, it may likely be the signing of referee form for the opening of those accounts. If I am said to be the one that signs the cheques of any of the pensioners’ cheque, let him produce a copy of the cheques from his branch which I signed in addition to my earlier statement.

I wish to state also that sometime in 2009, I was called by the Director of Pension Accounts, Dr. Shaibu to supply some office equipment to be used at pension office in Karu. The equipment included Desktops, Laptops, Copiers, Printers and it totaled about N8,000,000 and the paper was given to the deputy director who I disturbed about my payment, she asked me to give her my account number and any other person’s account number that I trusted so that they could pay me, since the money was over N10,000,000 and could not be paid into one account. So I gave her my account number and that of Mrs. Assumpta Odunze. The monies were paid into those accounts. I got the payments. I was not told under what means the name that the money was to be paid. I wish to state also that Mr. Ikenna Anoruo, who was the branch manager of Zenith Bank in Durumi and also my friend whom I introduced to the deputy director after much pleading for him, was able to go into banking relationship with the pension office. One day, he called me and told me that the deputy director told him to bring some names and open some accounts. He pleaded with me to give him passport picture to enable him open the accounts. I gave him two passport photographs and I don’t know how he opened the account. At intervals, as I stated in my earlier statement, Mrs. Chidi will instruct me to meet Ikenna and collect some monies. So, what Ikenna does is to transfer monies from those accounts into my own accounts and I will give the deputy director.

On the 11th of May 2009, the sum of N1,471,750 which was for the mx2300 copier was paid and on 5 July, also in 2009, the sum of N8,494,112.48 was paid into my account. The same day, N7,581,000 was paid to Assumpta Odunze’s account which she paid back into my account the next day after deducting the bank charges and finally on the 20th of July, the balance of N2,756,978 was also paid into my account. That was how the items were paid for. The total amount was N18,531,990.47.

In addition to my earlier statement, I wish to state as follows, that I know one Mr. Omoloro Zuoten, who owns OmozuaVentures. I approached him and used his company to execute some contracts in the office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation. On the 03-08-2009, the payment of N28,000,000.00 was made, on the 03-09-2009 the sum of N4,650,000 was paid into the account and also on 19/04/2010 the sum of N19,789,000.00 was also paid into the account. The monies were all withdrawn and given to Mrs. Phina Chidi for these contracts that were not executed.

On 13/10/2009, the sum of N4,950,000 was paid into the account, also on the 30/10/2009, the sum of N4,922,000 was paid in twice. On the 01/02/2010 the sum of 4,522,000 was paid into the account, and also on 02/03/2010, the sum of N8,950,000.00was paid into the account. On 04/03/2010, the sums of N990,000 and N950,000 were paid into the accounts. Also on the 24/05/2010 the sum of N4,325,500 was paid into the account. These monies were for various Computers and Computer accessories supplied to the Pension Section of the Office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation.

Blue Branch Resource is a company owned by a friend. On the 03/08/2009, the sum of N26,750,000 was paid into the account from the office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation. Again, on the 03/09/2009 the sum of N9,800,000 was paid also into the account. On the 03/2010 the sum of N4,958,000 was also paid into the account. On the 08/04/2010 anothersum of N2,980,000 was paid into the accounts and also on the 24/05/2010, the sum of N4,250,000 was also paid into the account from the same Head of Civil Service Pension.

On the 07/09/2009, the sum of N5,450,000 was paid into the account for Computer Accessories, on the /2009, the sum of N7,495,000 was also paid, on the 16/09/2009, the monies were all withdrawn and given to Mrs. Phina Chidi. The sum of N859,523.80 was paid in on the 15/12/2009. On the 30/12/2009, the sum of N4,898,000 was paid in twice into the account. On the 20/01/2010, the sum of N4,222,000.00 was paid into the account. On the 01/02/2010 the sum of N6,458,000 was paid into the account. On the 02/03/2010, the sum of N7,000,000 was also paid into the account. On the 4/03/2010 the sum of N990,000, N950,000 and N880,000 were paid into the accounts. These monies were payments made for various computer and computer consumables and furniture supplied to the pension office of the head of Civil Service of the Federation.

I wish to state also that from the monies given to Mrs. Chidi by me, she instructs me to take part of the monies to Dr. Shaibu, the Director of Pension Accounts and deliver the monies to him at home in Wuye, or at times, he instructs that the monies be given to his driver, Lawal and he received them from (him) me.

Mobes Point Investment Ltd is a company belonging to me. I equally used it to execute contracts in the Office of the Civil Service of the Federation. On the 18/05/2009, the sum of N4,870,000 was paid into the accounts from pension, Head of Civil Service which was for office equipment supplied. On 03/08/2009, the sum of N17,900,000 was paid into the account. This money was given to Mrs. Chidi for biometrics. On the 03/09/2009, the sum of N9,400,000 was paid in and on the 30th/11/2009, the sum of N4,870,080 was paid into the account.

On the 22/01/2010, the sum of N4,570,790 was also paid into the account, and on the 01/02/2010, the sum of N4,150,000 was again paid into the account. These monies were payments for various electronics, furniture, office equipment and accessories supplied to the office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation.

“I want to state also that these contracts were never bided for by these companies. We normally submit proposals and the jobs are awarded to the companies. In some cases, we are asked to supply things that they urgently needed and we are paid later. The proposals or list of items supplied are given to Mrs. Chidi with the respective account details of various companies”.

In addition to my earlier statement, I also wish to state that on February 2010, Dr. Shaibu told me to supply the following items: 100 pcs of Lifetime 32” LCD Television, 100 pcs of Samsung Bedside Refrigerators , 70 pcs of Samsung window unit 1½ hp Air conditioners, 30 pcs of Samsung 1½ hp split unit Air conditioners, and 15 pcs of 3HP package unit Air conditioners. He instructed me to meet the deputy director for payment of these items. I presented the bill to Mrs. Chidi the deputy director and she paid money into my account after collecting the account details. The supply of these items was delayed because the place was not ready. But sometime in June 2010, the items were supplied and one Mr. Abiola Gbengatook custody of the goods, he signed and collected the invoices.

All the items were supplied at Brifina Hotel in Durumi Abuja, and the delivery was taken by Mr. Abiola Gbenga at Brifina Hotel. Before the supplies were made, I went and inspected the Hotel to find out what they needed. I can’t remember the exact date and month.

I bought a plot of land in Bwari in Abuja. On 2003 December, I started building a six bedroom duplex on the plot without approval. By 2005, when the house was almost completed, a demolition notice was put on the house, and I struggled and Igot an approval in 2007. By January 2009, when I needed money for business, I put the house for sale. I told Dr. Shaibu about the house, he saw it and I told him the last price was N27 million naira but he paid me N26 million. He paid with a chequewhich I paid into Mobes Point Investment account in January 2009. He now directed me to renovate the house and also furnish it. I spent about N8 million on the renovation, and put 10 nos of  split air conditioners, (Ant cool) Six numbers of 32” LCD TV, one 50” television, Six beds, curtains and general furnishing in addition to cooker, and refrigerators. He instructed me to meet the deputy director for the payments and she paid for the items. I cannot say the exact amount. I want to state also that the said land was bought at the cost of N450,000 only. The N26 million Cheque was paid into my Mobes Point account in Zenith Bank.

In addition to the last statement, I wish to also state that in July 2009, Mrs. Chidi, deputy director of Pension Accounts, asked me to get her some names to enable her pull out some money from the office. I gave her the name of a friend, Mr. ChikwadoEzenwoye whom I told that I was being owed some money and that I needed his account details to get out the money and he permitted me. The sum of N4,379,996.47 was paid into his account. He withdrew the money and we subtracted bank charges and the money was given to Mrs. Chidi.

Also, on the 20/07/2009, the sum of N2,976,542.93 was paid into his account by Mrs. Chidi, the money was also withdrawn and given to Mrs. Phina Chidi after deducting the bank charges.

In addition to my earlier statement regarding the electronics supplied at Brifina Hotel, the electronics were supplied to the Hotel in June 2010. Payments for the supplies were made around March 2010 after giving Dr. Shaibu the total sum. He asked me to give the sum to Mrs. Chidi, who made the payment alongside with some things that were supplied in the pension office. The electronics were bought immediately, but due to the fact that renovation was going on at the Hotel, I had to keep the goods in his house opposite Gwarimpa. At about June, a space was created at the Hotel and that was when we moved in the electronics into the Hotel. Few days later, the window Air conditioners were fixed in the holes provided, and I brought some people to mount the wall brackets for the televisions. Between that June 2010 till about March this year, no one asked for receipt or the invoice of the items.

At about late March this year, Mr. Abiola who took custody of the electronics, called me and told me that he needed the receipt of the television sets and refrigerators. He came to the shop and I personally wrote the receipt and invoice of the electronics. Two days later, I was not in town, he called me and I told him to wait till am back, but he said it was urgent. So I directed him to meet Mr. Chikwado at the shop to write the invoice for him. Since the goods were delivered in June 2010, the invoices were written to effect the period the goods were delivered. I later find out that the Air conditioners which were previously installed had been removed.

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