COVID-19: Daily UK Omicron Cases Triple To More Than 10,000 As Deaths Rise To Seven


More than 10,000 new Omicron cases have been reported in the UK in the highest increase so far – as the number of overall COVID infections exceeded 90,000 for the second day running.

The UK Health Security Agency confirmed an additional 10,059 cases of the new variant, three times as many as yesterday (3,201) and taking the total number detected to 24,968.

Another 90,418 overall COVID infections have also been reported – an end to three successive rises, but only the second time cases have been higher than 90,000

Of the 10,059 cases, 9,427 were reported in England, 514 in Northern Ireland, 96 in Scotland and 22 in Wales.

The data also shows seven people have now died with the new variant in England as of 16 December – up from a previous death toll of one.

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