Information Minister to roll out “change agenda’ policies.


The Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Muhammed, said his ministry would soon roll out programmes, policies and slogans on the “Change Agenda”.

The Minister spoke Tuesday shortly after he met with the Association of Civil Servants of Nigeria in Abuja.

Muhammed said that the programme would enlighten Nigerians on the need to positively change their attitude and ensure they do the right things.

The minister said the change agenda of the present administration could only succeed if Nigerians decided to change their attitude towards the change mantra.

He said that things have changed in the last few months and that Nigerians were now imbibing the culture of change.

The minister said President Muhammed Buhari had demonstrated the virtue of change by instructing his drivers to obey traffic rules at all times.

He said that the president had adhered strictly to transparency in his fight against corruption.

Mohammed said Buhari and the ministers had also imbibed the culture of keeping to time slated for any event by the organiser. 

He said that if the president leads by these good examples and ministers follow suit, Nigerians have no option than to imbibe same culture.

Muhammed said the merger of information and culture would make the ministry to easily drive the change agenda.

He, therefore, sought the cooperation of the Association of Civil Servants of Nigeria to join the ministry in its efforts to drive the change agenda.

“If the Buhari administration is to successfully implement its change agenda, we must not only partner with the government, we must be the face of change and we must live change.

“My doors are always open, and I am willing to work with you for the realisation of the dream to make our country great,’’ Mohammed said

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