Struggling Everton Beat Overpaid Manchester United’s Flops


Struggling Everton put up a remarkable performance Saturday afternoon to beat Manchester United and its crop of overpaid flops by 1 goal.

The goal from Anthony Gordon sealed a win desperately needed to ease the pressure on Everton Manager who have been turned to a whipping boy.

The scene at the stadium was ecstatic, as the fans were elated to see Everton beat Manchester United under this sort of pressure.

Nobody gave Everton a chance after the defeat in the week and this Saturday is seen as a special afternoon of football.

For Anthony Gordon to get that goal – yes it was deflected but forget about Manchester United, this is all about Everton.

They know there’s still work to do but this was a great stride towards their campaign.

The match shows that Everton’s game management was good but they lacked the composure and aggresiveness in the game against Burnley.

But let punished them fir their clumsiness, which later became the push for today.

It was a poor for Manchester United, who may miss the Fourth place ticket to one of the trio of West Ham, Tottenham or Arsenal. They’ve been nowhere near at it, as they lack intensity, pace or any sort of structure.

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