Power Restored To Some Parts, Says Power Ministry.

The federal ministry of power says some section of the national grid have been energised and power restored to some customers in the country.

The national grid collapsed at exactly 6.30 pm on Friday, causing power outage and sending the country into darkness.

Isa Sanusi, Special Assistant on Media to the Minister who said the investigation of the cause of the collapse is on-going by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) and System Operator ( the operator of the national grid.)

Sanusi in a press statement on Saturday, the ministry said: “It wishes to notify the general public of the incidence of a system collapse which occurred at 18.30 hour on April 8th, 2022 resulting in outages in many parts of the country.”

It however stated that the process of restoring supply is ongoing with some sections of the national grids already energised and supply restored to customers.

“We wish to assure Nigerians that the Federal Government is working assiduously to deliver on the much needed reform and investment, including SCADA, that is critical to improving the capacity and reliability of the national grid. This in line with Mr. president’s directives on closing the infrastructure deficits in critical sectors “

The collapse by the national grid on Friday was the third within a month, happening again despite promises from the Federal Government and the grid’s manager, the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN steps against the recurrence had been taken.

TCN last month announced a new alternate grid management methods stating that it was utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT) solution, and Virtual Private Network (VPN) by using various Internet Service Providers (ISP).

This is a stop-gap solution to improve grid monitoring and acquisition of data from remote stations (power stations and transmission substations) to the National Control Centre.

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