CBN sells N120bn T-bills


Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has  sold nearly N120 billion , N119.92 billion  in Treasury bills with maturities from three months to a year at an auction on Wednesday.

The yields on T-Bills further slashed compared with returns at the previous auctions, CBN said on Thursday.

The result of the auction showed that the apex banking regulator sold N32.43 billion  worth of three-month paper at 5.34 per. cent compared with 5.82 per cent at the Nov. 4 auction.

It also sold N22.82 billion  worth of six-month debt at 7.2 per cent against 7.98 per cent previously, and N64.67 billion of one-year paper sold at 8.5 per cent, down from 9.48 per cent, the auction results showed.

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