PULA, Others Pay N110m Insurance Claims To Farmers Over Ginger Blight Disease Outbreak 

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PULA Advisors AG and three others have paid N110 million insurance claims to Nigerian farmers.

Other members of the consortium are Leadway Assurance Company Limited, Heifer International, and AFEX Commodity Exchange.

Michael Enahoro, country commercial manager, PULA Advisors AG, on Thursday said the ceremony kick-started the 2023 Wet Season Insurance Claims Pay-out facilitated by PULA.

The insurance payout forms the basis of the “Naija Unlock Signature Program” coordinated by Heifer in conjunction with AFEX and her network of Rice, Maize, Soya, and Ginger smallholder farmers across Niger, Kaduna, Jigawa, Plateau, Kebbi, and Jigawa States.

Enahoro said Leadway Assurance Company Limited, being the lead insurer of the program is making the claims payout of N110 million to AFEX on behalf of Ginger farmers in Kaduna State who suffered 100 percent harvest loss due to the outbreak of the Ginger Blight disease.

He added that a total of 1,138 ginger farmers were verified for compensation for payouts in respect of their harvest losses.

Enahoro says the payout ceremony has been made possible also because of the catalytic role played by Heifer International.

He added that Heifer is responsible for prefinancing the insurance premiums of farmers participating under the AFEX 2023 wet season farming programme at the start of the planting season.

Enahoro said the Heifer pre-financing model allows farmers to be insured during the farming season but deferred their payment for insurance services post-harvest when they are financially buoyant to pay for it.

He said the payout bears testimony to the impact of mitigating agricultural risks that are currently experienced by Nigerian smallholder farmers.

The PULA executive said losses, which were due to pests, diseases, climate change, and other critical factors, had necessitated the inclusion of insurance in the farming programme.

Enahoro said this is in order to protect farmers’ investments against crop or harvest failures emanating from climate change perils.

“The partnership has been actively involved in ensuring that climate-induced challenges in the agricultural sector are tackled.

“This is in order to ensure that smallholder farmers’ confidence is bolstered, food production guaranteed, and food systems resilience is mainstreamed in the attempt to support the government’s ongoing drive to address food security challenges.

“We are able to achieve this by ensuring that farmers’ claims are verified, catalogued, and processed expeditiously anytime they suffer harvest losses,” he said.

PULA Advisors, a leader in agricultural insurance innovation, streamlined the claims assessment and payout process, ensuring transparency and efficiency in delivering financial support to aggrieved farmers who suffered losses.

Heifer Project International, a global not-for-profit organisation, pre-financed the insurance premiums for the farmers at the beginning of the season, providing a post-harvest repayment option.

Leadway Assurance Company Limited, with over 50 years of experience in protecting livelihoods through comprehensive insurance coverage, has once again demonstrated its competence in servicing farmers’ claims.

By so doing, Leadway is providing climate resilience and sustainability for smallholder farmers’ businesses, thereby contributing to the food security of the nation.

AFEX, one of the largest commodity players in Nigeria, works with an expansive network of farmers and processors, providing them with the capital, infrastructure, and market access needed to support food productivity.

AFEX’s innovative value-chain financing model leverages insurance to protect their investments and indemnify their raw-material agricultural supply chain against crop losses.

The partnership has enjoined its collective aspiration towards expanding this engagement and ensuring that more Nigerian smallholder farmers are registered and insured during the 2024 farming season.

Farmers and investors involved in the production value chains are therefore advised to take advantage of this partnership and have their projects insured against climatic and other risks during the 2024 wet season and beyond.