ISSAN Seeks Closer Collaboration With EFCC On Cyber Security


The Nigerian chapter of the Information Security Society of Africa (ISSAN) has called for stronger and closer collaboration with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to safeguard cyberspace and fight internet fraud and other financial crimes more effectively.


ISSAN’s Vice President, Martin Ikpehai, stated when he led a three-man delegation on a courtesy visit to the EFCC’s headquarters. According to him, the EFCC is doing great work in stopping cybercrimes. He called for a more sustainable approach towards taking over cyberspace from internet fraudsters.


“Now, every business is conducted in digital space, and as businesses are in cyberspace, criminals chase them online. “One important thing we have come to realise is that the EFCC, being a crime fighter, has done so much in this aspect of crime, especially fighting crime in the digital space, and we are happy about it. We are also happy to fight this crime and to let you know that there should be synergy between our organisation and the EFCC”, he said.


He expressed surprise at the prevalence of “yahoo schools” nationwide, pointing out that such an anomaly demanded enhanced cooperation with ISSAN. “EFCC is discovering yahoo schools in Nigeria, and it surprises us that there are schools created to teach people to learn cybercrimes; that is why we have come to let you know that you should collaborate with us so that we can work hand in hand”.


He further explained that cyber security is so important that security officers of key institutions work closely with ISSAN. The Society, he says, offers a platform to teach secondary school children, University students, and Nigerians about cybersecurity in schools and how to defend and safeguard against cyberbullying, cyberstalking, and other forms of cybersecurity challenges. He commended the EFCC on its Eagle Eye app, describing it as an excellent device for achieving success in the fight against internet fraud.


Executive Chairman of the EFCC, Ola Olukoyede, appreciated ISSAN’s focus and mandate. He stated that the EFCC greatly valued efforts geared towards cyber security and assured better collaboration with society. “We have a lot to do on cybercrime and security, as it were, and that is what we do. We must engage all stakeholders and take drastic measures to stop criminals in cyberspace. “The more we come together, the better for the country to prosecute the war on cybercrime and security”, he stated.


He assured that the EFCC would always be ahead of cyber criminals, maintaining that “if the crime is technology-driven, the approach to fight it should also be technology-driven.”


It would be recalled that the ISSAN Industry Roundtable had made a case for a Nigerian Identity’’ System. According to the association, the Integrated Identity Management System, to be called ‘’The Nigerian Identity,’’ would have an international passport, phone number, and BVN belonging to one individual grafted onto one composite interconnected file to easily detect and track perpetrators of cybercrime. They called for regular updates of regulatory guidelines and improved collaboration between the financial sector regulators, industry operators and Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System Plc (NIBSS) to effectively manage emerging risks and achieve a secured digital ecosystem that facilitates safer transaction processing and customer experience.


Dr David Isiavwe, ISSAN President, stated the need for industry operators, law enforcement agencies and financial sector regulators to ensure they are steps ahead of the activities of cybercriminals. According to him, “The cybersecurity space is constantly evolving. As the cybercriminals do not sleep or relent, operators and regulators have a duty not also to sleep. Indeed, the protection of cyberspace is the responsibility of all stakeholders”.


David Isiavwe also noted that financial institutions have a critical role to play in the future of financial services, noting that the more they innovate, the more they need to automate the attendant controls and ensure that they are strictly monitored.


ISSAN is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to protecting Nigeria’s cyberspace. It is also significantly involved in ensuring the security of Banking Systems and provides a platform for information, collaboration, and ideas exchange for a safer payment ecosystem.


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