Africa-Brazil Night Of Glamour


On Monday, May 20, 2024, the African Cultural Center hosted a grand celebration of Africa Brazil Day, honoring distinguished personalities for their immense contributions to society. This prestigious event, held at the Amphitheater of the Memorial Latino Americano in São Paulo, marked the 19th edition of the awards initiated by Oba (Ogboni) Adekunle Aderonmu, the supreme head of Ogboni Iwashe worldwide and CEO of the Centro Cultural Africano.

The African Cultural Center, a non-governmental organization in São Paulo, Brazil, is renowned for its dedication to promoting cultural excellence and the cause of humanity across Brazil, Africa, and the world. The 19th Edition of the Africa Brazil Awards recognized men and women of outstanding character who have significantly impacted both Brazilian and African societies.

The event was a spectacle of glamour, with an impressive turnout of dignitaries and organizations from various sectors, including justice, humanities, and social services. The ceremony featured the awarding of merits, trophies, and certificates to notable figures who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to fostering a just and inclusive society.

In addition to the awards presentation, the evening was enlivened by performances from dance teams and bands, blending traditional and contemporary styles that highlighted the rich cultural heritage shared between Brazil and Africa.

The list of awardees and their respective categories included:

  • Art and Culture: Sr. Tom Arruda, Producer and Director

  • Entrepreneurship: Sr. Daniel Mistico, Sommelier

  • Media: Sra. Lisa Gomes, Reporter; Sr. Nelio Junior, Presenter; Dr. João Baptista de Oliveira, President of Instituto JB Oliveira de Educação e Capacitação Profissional

  • Social Responsibility: Dom Galdino Cocchiaro, President of the Brazilian Society of Heraldry and Humanistics; Sr. Yuri Pantojo Serapilha, Vice-President of the Brazilian Society of Heraldry and Humanistics; Sr. Guilherme Gonzalez, Sports Advocate in São Paulo; Sra. Abiola Iyabo Ige, Marketing Director at Centro Cultural Adimula Oodua; Sr. José Gomes Pereira, President of Instituto Afro-Brasileiro in Santo André; Sr. Nze Chido Felix, Afrobrasilink

  • Third Sector: Sr. Rogério Iório, President of IBDN Brazilian Institute for Nature Protection

  • Sports: Sr. Mauro Silva, Vice-President of the São Paulo Football Federation

  • Religiosity: Yalorixá Rosângela Oxum, Abiye Iwashe Ogboni

  • Public Health: Sr. Humberto Silva, Founder of the Brazilian Association of Hepatitis Carriers

  • Public Power: Sr. Odilson Serra Nunes, Councilman of Macapá – AP

  • Public Policies: Dr. Samuel Hugo Lima, Judge and President of the 15th Regional Labor Court; Sr. Claudionor Alves, Director of Racial Equity and Institutional Relations at Carrefour

  • Justice and Citizenship: Dra. Suzana do Val, Federal Police Officer

  • Honorable Mentions: Sra. Regina Carnovale Nunes, First Lady of São Paulo; Sr. Ricardo Nunes, Mayor of São Paulo

The event also featured significant participation from members of the Nigerian community, including the Egbe Omo Oodua, and various other groups and associations in Brazil. Traditional dances, state band performances, and a fusion of African and Brazilian music kept the audience entertained and engaged throughout the evening.

In his speech, Oba (Ogboni) Adekunle Aderonmu expressed profound gratitude to all the awardees and attendees. He emphasized the importance of recognizing the contributions of these eminent personalities to humanity in Brazil and beyond.

“It is a pleasure once again recognizing the importance of eminent personalities in the cause of humanity in Brazil. I congratulate you all. Thank you for your impactful work in society

The Africa Brazil Awards continue to play a crucial role in highlighting the efforts of those dedicated to social justice, cultural preservation, and community development. This event not only celebrated individual achievements but also reinforced the strong cultural ties between Brazil and Africa, promoting unity and mutual respect.

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