Building materials dealers want ban on importation of electric cables


Some dealers in building materials have urged the Federal Government to ban the importation of electric cables.
In separate interviews in Abuja on Sunday, the traders said that Made-in Nigeria electric cables were the best.
Mr Wilson Igbokwu said the home-made cables were the best in the world in terms of quality and adherence to international standards.
Igbokwu said most imported substandard cables were made from iron as against the locally produced ones that were made from copper.
He said the ones made from iron could easily get burnt which sometimes could lead to loss of lives and property.
“The ones they import are below standard; Nigerian cables are made from copper which is 2.5 mm, while the substandard one is 2.2mm or even 1.9mm.
“Although sometimes it will be labeled 2.5mm but the dealers will be able to differentiate the home-made cable from the substandard one imported from other countries,’’ he said.
Mr Okwuchukwu Okolo said the ban on the importation of such cables would encourage Nigerian manufacturers to expand and produce more.
Okolo said the quickest way for any society to transform from a developing economy to an advanced modern society was through Industrialisation.
He advised the Federal Government to encourage local manufacturers of electric cables to discourage the importation of substandard products into the country.
“It is sad that Nigerians will go to other countries to request for substandard products,“he said.
He blamed the situation on the neglect of the manufacturing sector to meet the demands of the Nigerian populace.
Okolo decried the attitude of some marketers who were importing substandard products at a cheaper price to maximise profit “because of greed’’.
Another dealer, Mr Emmunel Obiaku, said some builders preferred to buy substandard products in order to make more profit.
“I will advise people who want to build houses to insist on Nigerian-made cables and also that the manufacturers should educate the public on the difference,’’ Obiaku said.
He called on the government to take appropriate steps to improve on the situation in the sector.
“No nation can develop without going through an industrial transformation that is built on effective power supply,’’ he said. (NAN)

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