Presidency on spending spree in 2016 with N3.6bn for exotic BMW cars


At a time that the economy is shrinking due to the dwindling price of oil and other pressures, the presidency is planning a spending spree of N39 billion in 2016, far in excess of its N24.4 billion allocation in the outgoing 2015.
The N14.6 billion increase in the planned allocation for the presidency in 2016 is also at variance with the agenda of the President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration idea to cut overhead cost.
A priority item that has raised eyebrow is the planned purchase of a number of exotic BMW salon cars for the principal officers in the presidency at a total cost of N3.630 billion.
In this austere period that the country has found itself, analysts have seen no use for this set of exotic cars that its maintenance will further pressure the economy.
In the 2016 budget, the presidency is also looking to purchase tyres valued at N189.1million for various vehicles including the bullet-proof and plain Mercedes Benz cars as well as other “utility and operational” in use in the Presidency.
The operational vehicles include Toyota cars, trucks, Land Cruiser jeeps, Prado jeeps, Hilux pick-up vans, Peugeot 607 and 406 cars and ambulances
President Buhari is also looking to spend N1,415,706,197 on both local and international travels and transports.
This is far in excess of the N944,672,109 spent in 2015 between him and his predecessor Goodluck Jonathan on travels and transportation.
For the 2016, the presidency is allocated a total N39 billion,a figure that is far above the N24.4 billion for the unit in the 2015 budget.
Scrutiny of the 2016 budget for the Presidency show that N326 million will go for acquisition of exotic animals. In the 2015 budget, a paltry N24.6 million was voted for the Presidency’s Wildlife Conservation.
Also, the acquisition of presidential canteen materials and kitchen equipment has increased from N83.1million in 2015 to N89million in 2016.
There is also a marginal incease in the N11million voted for the supply of foodstuff and catering services in the Vice President’s office in 2015 to N16.6m.
Detailed breakdown of the 2016 budget for the Presidency includes: general renovation of the Guest House (N387m); complete furnishing of the Guest House (N45m); purchase of computers (N27.5m), and construction and provision of recreational facilities (N764m).
Recreational materials totalling N12m are to be procured too.
Other expenditures on the Presidency’s vehicles include N39.8m for the purchase of an unspecified number of 200 amps, 100 amps and 60 amps Mercedes Benz batteries for bullet-proof vehicles.
Another N30million is to be expended on the purchase of tool boxes, car jacks, and diagnostic machines for the Presidency’s bullet-proof cars.
To provide C-Caution triangles, fire-extinguishers and cables, the presidency is also allocated N27 million.
Although there is no indication of the number or condition of items procured by the Presidency in 2015, a fresh N114.4million is to be expended on the upgrade of internet infrastructure in the State House while N22.5 million is for purchase of internet servers.
The purchase of what is described as “Active Devices for State House Network” is to cost another N100million and N35million is to be expended on the purchase of security appliances and licences, including computer anti-virus software.
Under the Office of the National Security Adviser’s N90.3 billion budget for 2016, N8.7 billion is to be expended to develop the ONSA’s “All-Eye” surveillance project and another N9 billion to construct an esoterically-named “Stravinsky Project”.
The ONSA’s security vote, including funds for operations is pegged at N576m.
The Department of State Security (DSS) has N2.2 billion for its 2016 security vote while the Presidential Air Fleet is to spend N262.4million on Air Navigation equipment.
Under the 2016 budget, State House Headquarters is to spend N104. 7million on refreshment and meals while foodstuff and catering materials worth N102.9m are to be supplied.
The 2016 budget for the Presidency also makes provision for N99million grants to local councils.
Other items under the Presidency’s 2016 budget include: N55,670,000 for installation or budget planning software; N272,646,891 for Upgrading of Mechanical & Electrical power line (underground) supplies to the State House; N322,421,971 for linking of cable to drivers’ rest room at Villa Admin, and; N213,873,953 for linking of cable from House No 9 Generator House to the gate.
Others are:  N618,604,265 for installation of electrical lightings & fittings; N191,592,132 for electrical installation of distribution boards & other cables; N22,861,449 for provision of stage curtains & electrical drive; N10,416,146 for installations of electrical materials and luminaries.

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