I never receive money from Dasuki, says Fani-Kayode.


Former Minister of Aviation and director of media and publicity of the Jonathan/Sambo campaign organization, Femi Olukayode (FFK) has denied receiving money from any cabinet member of the former President Goodluck Jonathan administration.
“I have not ever been in receipt of any public funds and neither was I the beneficiary of any payments in cash, transfer, cheque, or otherwise from any government official during the tenure of President Jonathan”.
In a statement released on Wednesday morning in reaction to media reports, of his purported receipt of N1.7billion naira from the office of the former National Security Adviser (NSA), Col. Sambo Dasuki, FFK insisted that he only received money on behalf of the campaign organisation and they from private individuals and firms.
“As Director of Media and Publicity of the Jonathan/Sambo Campaign organisation I received money on behalf of the Directorate of Media and Publicity which I headed from private individuals and companies during the election campaigns but these were not public funds but rather private contributions specifically for the Presidential and other campaigns”.
“Such moneys were transferred into my account by the Director of Finance of the Presidential Campaign Organization (PCO) and that account was SPECIFICALLY set up for the purpose of running the publicity and media aspect of the campaign for the whole country and my Directorate”, he said.
These private individuals and companies, according to him, paid their contributions into a designated account which was provided and controlled by the Director of Finance and from where she transferred it to the accounts of the various Directors and various individuals that were running for public office that the PCO supported.
He said that; “the Presidential candidate of our party President Goodluck Jonathan, the D-G of the PCO, the Auditor of the PCO, the Advisor to the PCO and the Director of Finance of the PCO all received reports and saw the results of the efforts of my Directorate. Not only were they satisfied with our efforts but they also commended us.
“Nothing was done or given to us free of charge by anyone.  This should not be a surprise to anyone as the APC and President Buhari’s campaign organisation did the same.
“If it is a crime to be a member of the PDP and to be in opposition they should just say so. If it is a crime to speak up for and defend President Jonathan and key members of his government after he has left office they should just say so”.
He allege that the President Buhari’s administration was doing everything possible to suppress the opposition and induce anyone to say anything, and declared that “they have no sense of decency, justice or fair play”.
“It is expedient and necessary for me to speak out now even though the EFCC has not said a word on this matter or even confirmed that there is indeed an investigation going on.By the time they finish they would have convicted their victim in a vicious smear campaign and media trial which is usually plagued and fuelled by lies and falsehood”, he added.

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