Have your say on top 100 players: Kane worth more than Suarez? Ronaldo outside the top three?


Is Cristiano Ronaldo only the third most valuable player in European football? That’s the question posed by a report on the players in the top five leagues.

Twice a year, the CIES Football Observatory – a sort of sporting think tank – releases a list of the most valuable footballers in the big five leagues of Europe. And twice a year, fans gather together to argue over some of the crazier numbers thrown up by the CIES number crunchers.Lionel Messi tops the list once more – no surprise there – and his reported value of just over a quarter of a billion pounds, while insanely high, sounds roughly what you’d expect of this sort of thing.More surprising, however, are some of the other claims being made. Cristiano Ronaldo being outside the top four, for example.

1. Lionel Messi                         £250.7m

2. Neymar                                  £152.7m

3. Eden Hazard                         £130.5m

4. Cristiano Ronaldo                £114m

5. Harry Kane                            £91.3m

6. Raheem Sterling                  £89.8m

7. Antoine Griezmann             £88.3m

8. Luis Suarez                          £86.3m

9. Sergio Aguero                      £82.1m

10. Alexis Sanchez                  £81.9m

Now, with age being part of the “econometric model” used to cook up these numbers, you can understand a 30-year-old Ronaldo slipping slightly. But should that really see him slip below Neymar and Eden Hazard, who are seven and five years younger than him? And should it really make his value half that of Messi, just two years his junior?Frankly, we’re just not sure. So we thought we’d open the question up to you – along with a few of the other rankings which had our eyebrows raised.


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