Warning Sirens Go Off In Northern Israel – IDF


Sirens went off in Israel’s north, warning locals about a possible attack
from the territory of the neighboring Syria or Lebanon, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) said on Monday.

“Sirens sounded in northern Israel,” the IDF wrote on Twitter, providing no further details.

Several minutes later, the IDF said that more sirens sounded in the northern part of the country.

“Additional sirens are currently sounding in several locations in northern Israel,” the Israeli military added.

The sirens are said to have sounded in the Golan Heights, near Galilee and the Mount Hermon and in the towns of Safed and Katzrin.

Earlier, the Israeli military intercepted two missiles that had been fired in Syria’s border areas during clashes between the Syrian army and armed opposition

“Following the reports of sirens sounding in northern Israel, it was concluded that the rockets were from internal fighting in Syria, where they later fell.

In response to the threat, the David’s Sling aerial defence system intercepted two rockets.

No injuries or damage reported,” the IDF wrote on Twitter.

Within last several months, sirens often sound in northern Israel over approaching Syrian drones.

The southwestern Syrian regions neighbouring Israel are witnessing now a full-scale offensive of the government troops, which try to defeat opposition and terror groups operating in the area.

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