Gulder to Host a Milestone event in Enugu on Monday


Gulder Beer, a premium brew from the stable of Nigerian Breweries Plc would be hosting another trail blazing experience on Monday, August 24, in Enugu, the capital of Enugu State, South-East Nigeria.

The event, which is expected to attract global attention to Nigeria, is slated to hold at the multi-billion Naira Nigerian Breweries Plant at 9th Mile, Enugu.

According to an insider in the brewery company, who preferred to remain anonymous, said the latest move by Gulder Beer is inspired by its quest to always stay innovative and maintain its tradition of pioneering ‘firsts’ in the beer industry.

“Apart from being associated with many ‘firsts’, Gulder has earned a reputation for itself as the beer brand that does things differently,” our top source said.

Our inside source revealed that it was the first beer to be produced in a brown bottle, and also the mastermind of the first Nigerian reality show – the Gulder Ultimate Search (GUS), which birthed more than a decade ago.

About a year ago, Gulder built a hallway with branded Gulder Beer crates as the only construction materials.

The masterpiece was designed in the replica of a Castle Corridor. The structure stood at18 feet high and spanned the length of the red carpet at over 50 meters.

The magnificent architecture was built with 3,678 crates of Guilder Beer, and illuminated with 50 mood lights; and it was believed to have taken 15 men, working five days to complete the edifice.

The Gulder Castle was created at the final selection party for the 11th edition of the GUS in 2014 in Lagos.

In addition, the brand launched the Gulder Club Ultimate (GCU) in 2013, as an alternative consumer engagement platform.

According to NB Plc, the GCU was “designed to give the ‘Gulder-man’ a soft-life outside his daily routine; transforming known venues into exquisite cruise liner;  creating never-been-seen acts; crafting memories that consumers will long cherish and more importantly, giving the consumers an opportunity of perfectly-served Gulder beer in a club setting.”

It would be recalled that the Gulder brand recently rebranded its bottle. The rebranding which was preceded by a massive campaign, tagged “The Cube is coming” culminated in what industry experts have termed the most innovative beer bottle.

The Managing Director of Nigerian Breweries Plc, Nicolaas Vervelde, said the Gulder re-launch was in tandem with the company’s penchant for innovation, which has sustained its leadership in the brewery sector.

According to him, the new bottle launch was revolutionary and reflected Gulder’s stance to always be in the forefront of advancement.

Vervelde said that in 1946, the story of innovation started with the Nigerian Breweries Plc; adding that “We launched the Gulder brand in 1970 in a unique brown bottle, with a unique logo and unique recipe.”

He informed that “This unique beer is loved by millions of Nigerians, who savour the taste everyday, every week, every month and every year.”

The new Gulder bottle, which contains the same extra matured quality premium beer, brewed with a unique recipe with crisp pleasant bitter taste, savoured by consumers, has a strong masculine look that stands shoulder to shoulder with the men who drink it, Vervelde said.

Clearly marked with distinctive features, the new-look Gulder bottle wears a tougher but suave look, affirming that the brand confers strength on the strong and active man.

Walter Drenth, NB Plc Marketing Director said, it is the bottle of the future according to the immediate past.

“The new bottle’s metallic label not only reinforces the strength and pride of the brand, it also enhances its look and feel.

“It’s striking double side embossment according to the brand is the first in the history of bottle design in Nigeria and a concrete evidence of the brand’s innovative character,” Drenth said.

So what does Gulder have for its consumers? Is it another cube? Is it another bottle? While the brand is keeping silent for now, the 24th of August is set to be another milestone in the annals of Nigeria’s beer industry.

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