NCAC to Expand Nigeria Creative Industry to deepen economy


National Council for Arts and Culture,(NCAC) says it is planning to expand Nigeria’s creative industry to boost its  Economic potential and showcase Nigeria’s vast cultural heritage to the international community, amidst challenges of oil glut globally.

The plan according to Dayo Keshi,the director general of the Council is to work closely  with the  Nigeria High commission outside the country. Also,to forge strategic partnership with the private sector in showcasing Nigeria’s rich cultural diversity for economic divestment,and partnership with Nigerian diasporans and Artists to expand Nigeria’s creative industry with vast Nigeria’s cultural heritage.

Dayo spoke in Abuja during media interaction to mark the 40th anniversary of the council said Nigeria’s rich cultural diversity has the capacity to drive Nigeria’s economic growth amidst dwindling oil resources as creativity and innovation could drive economic growth in the sector.

According to her:” We are exploring  effective collaboration with the private sector and collaboration with Nigerian MIssion outside in showcasing Nigeria’s rich cultural heritage.We have done it with the Chinese People,the Mexicans and South-koreans and we intend to expand it to advance economic boost”

We are working with the Nigerian Mission outside to embelish our Mission houses with Nigeria cultural artifacts to market Nigeria’s rich cultural heritage.We are also exploring the boost in our fashion industry and the. Attraction of Nigeria music to translate our diversity into economic boost”she added

Speaking further on the commission’s plan ,the director general suggested:”The em placement of a deliberate state policy that enforces or supports all official gifts be products of NIgeria’s cultural diversity.

She added:”Staging of at least three international Arts and Crafts Expo in a year to be held in different cities of Nigeria;encourage the display and sales of arts and crafts products at all major states and conferences held in Nigeria.

She suggested further on a  deliberate policy targeted at creating markets for the cultural products such as the use of the Adire(a local fabric) for the production of school uniforms nationally.

To boost partnership with the private sector she said:”There are plans already to develop for economic boost National Durbar festival for the Northern. States,National Masquerade festival for the South- East together with other states that have Masquerades,National Boat regatta in the riverine states and National exhibition of Indigenous fabrics and fashion”

It would be noted that the National Council for Arts and Culture was established by Decree No 3 of 1975 and charged among others with the responsibility of coordination,development and promotion of the living Arts and Culture of Nigeria at national and international fora.

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