Prince Harry Does Not Want Meghan Markle To Overwork As End Of Pregnancy Closes

Prince Harry is being extra cautious for Meghan Markle as the end of her pregnancy is nearing.
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are expecting their second child, a baby sister for their two-year-old son Archie, in the summer.

A source told US Weekly that the couple had a “low-key” Mother’s Day.

“As she nears the end of her pregnancy, she’s taking it easy.

“Harry’s extremely protective and doesn’t want her overdoing it.”

Meanehile royal author Katie Nicholl told Entertainment Weekly that Diana could be high on their list as a middle name, in a bid to honour the Duke of Sussex’s late mother Princess Diana.

“What we know about this couple is that they do put a lot of time and thought into names.

“I’m sure they have probably got a very good idea of what they’re going to call their little girl.

“I think many people are expecting that Diana is going to be one of her names.

“I absolutely think they will want to include Diana as perhaps one of the names for their little girl.

“Maybe not as her first name, but I’m sure it’s very high up on the list in terms of a second Christian name.

“And I think that’s quite simply because it would be for Harry a wonderful way to pay tribute to his mother.”

In a similar move, Prince William and Kate Middleton gave their daughter Charlotte the middle name Diana.

“I don’t think that precludes Harry and Meghan from doing exactly the same thing.

“I think it’s very likely to be chosen as a middle name.”

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