Nollywood Star, Yul Edochie Holds Maiden Service In Journey Into Christendom


Nollywood actor Yul Edochie has conducted an inaugural church service on his YouTube channel, the True Salvation Ministry, to begin the journey into soul-saving.

The virtual gathering was held for one hour on Sunday, January 28, broadcasting between 5 pm to 6 pm.

The actor now a social media preacher delved into his spiritual journey, sharing his divine calling and the moment he felt God’s direct guidance.

Yul reflected on instances where others recognized his potential for ministry, disclosing that a life-changing car accident around Ore Road in 2019, was the turning point that led him to fully embrace his calling.

Following his narrow escape from that fatal incident gave the actor a transformative experience where Yul Chubuike Daniel Edochie heard a compelling voice that urged him to dedicate his life to serving God and humanity.

In his words:This revelation marked the beginning of his “second life,” distinct from his previous pursuits.

Explaining further, he said my first life ended as I saw every in a splash of moment like everything about my life was compressed into a sim card. The last thing I saw before life left was the picture of my daughter, Daniella I took her pictures the previous day before the accident and l went blank after a few seconds of seeing the compressed version of my life journey.

In addition, Yul Edochie said after his life ended, suddenly life was restored from his feet and he heard a voice that said you have a second life and not a great chance.

Despite initially aiming for a physical church with a sizable congregation, Yul revealed that God’s intervention guided him to start humbly and utilise the resources at his disposal.

He revealed in part, “As far back as 2012, 2013, I was informed that l will meet a couple of men of God, pastors and they will always tell me that you are destined to be a minister of God, you can’t run away from it, you are going to be a minister.

Meanwhile: “As time went by I started to hear the voice myself like anywhere I am, most of the time when I’m in an enclosed place, just me, I’ll be hearing that voice telling me you are going to work for God.”

However, the launch of his Christian programme, True Salvation Ministry, on YouTube,  would be used to deliver sermons.

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