Prince Harry Believes US Is His ‘Spiritual Home’ As He Gears Up To Welcome Baby Girl

Prince Harry has renewed energy and positivity as he has settled perfectly in his California abode.

The Duke of Sussex is not letting old grudges hold him back as he prepares to welcome the baby girl.

Journalist, the author and mental health advocate Bryony Gordon, who once interviewed Prince Harry, recently spoke to Daily Telegraph about what living in the US means to him.

She said: “The anger of the past has gone, and it has been replaced with a sense of purpose. California is not just Harry’s physical home for now – it is also his spiritual one, where nobody thinks anything of openly discussing their struggles.”

“And Prince Harry we can’t see is perhaps the one we don’t want to – the one who is getting on just fine, happily following his path outside the conventions we are used to seeing him in. Hiking. Taking the dogs to the beach,” she further explained.

“Preparing for the imminent arrival of his daughter. Speaking his truth in the hope of helping those who are unable to, and not caring how cheesy anyone might think that sounds,” Gordon went on to add.

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