2023: NLC Begins Campaign For Peter Obi With New Initiative In Rivers


The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) in Rivers has launched an initiative called the ObiStructure organized by the Peter Obi Volunteer Network.

The program was launched on Sunday, in Port Harcourt by Beatrice Itubo, Chairman of the congress in the state.

Itubo, who is the governorship candidate of Labour Party in Rivers, warned the masses against voting on sentiments, adding that such a move would hinder the progress and development of the country.

The Labor leader insisted that a vote for the right candidate would lead to the progress of the country.

Itubo said: “So, it is important that we vote for the right leaders like Peter Obi, whose presidential candidacy is a tsunami that has given people hope again.

“We want a positive change, but not the kind of change they gave to us, and definitely not the one we have in Nigeria today.

“If people offer money to induce you, please collect it, but vote for your conscience; vote Peter Obi and Labour Party.”

She also urged Nigerians to vote the right candidates into various elective positions both at the state and federal levels.

“So, it is important to vote for Labour Party candidates into various elective positions both at the state and federal levels.

“Obi cannot be there alone. You must vote Labour Party into all other positions because if Obi is there alone, corrupt people in the National Assembly will impeach him.

“They will impeach him because they don’t want the country to work, so that they can continue looting our common wealth

“We do not want to continue in the old system, and definitely do not want to recycle the old people who have destroyed the country.

“God will grant us wisdom to achieve what we are yearning for. So, when they intimidate and give you money, collect it but vote Labour Party,” she added.