Polaris Bank Sponsors 2023 Fashion Souk To Deepen SMEs 

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Polaris Bank, Nigeria’s Leading Digital Retail Bank, in partnership with Eventful Limited, will host the 2023 season-end edition of The Fashion Souk 9.0.

The Fashion Souk is Nigeria’s premier marketplace where smart Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in the fashion industry gather to display and market their diverse goods and services to a large audience. It will hold at Harbour Point, Victoria Island, Lagos on December 2nd and 3rd.

With its extensive collection of fashion-related SMEs, The Fashion Souk stands as the largest congregation of such businesses in Nigeria to date. The event will primarily focus on four thriving industries: manufacturers, leather, retailers, and jewellery & accessories.

Over 140 established SMEs in Nigeria’s fashion industry, leather, and jewellery/accessories sectors, spanning across manufacturers, retailers, and dealers, will participate in The Fashion Souk 9.0.

This incredible platform provides these businesses with an unparalleled opportunity to exhibit their creativity, product lines, and unique offerings to a discerning audience.

The Fashion Souk promises to be a memorable event that showcases the rich diversity, talent, and innovation within Nigeria’s fashion industry, where attendees and shoppers can expect an immersive experience with an array of unique products, inspiring fashion shows, and networking opportunities with industry experts.

In line with its SME focus and commitment, Polaris Bank has partnered with and supported businesses in critical sectors of the Nigerian economy, including health, education, manufacturing, agriculture, exports, and others. The Bank has advanced credits to these sectors for the acquisition of medical equipment, machines, distribution, and logistics of medical products; laboratory equipment, stationeries, furniture, classrooms, school buses; working capital for businesses, expansion, etc.

The sub-Saharan fashion market is valued at $31 billion as of November 2023, with Nigeria accounting for 15 percent of the total regional market.

Statista put the value of the global fashion industry in 2022 at $1.53 trillion, with revenue forecast to increase in 2023 to more than $1.7 trillion.