Cutix Plc Celebrates Staff  At Long Service Award Ceremony


Cutix Plc recently honoured over 360 individuals for their dedicated service to the company over the past four decades.

The event, held in Nnewi, Anambra State, recognized employees, distributors, both former and current directors, and even deceased members of Cutix family.

Awards were presented in various categories: 35 years, 30 years, 25 years, 20 years, 15 years, 10 years, and 5 years of service. The ceremony also acknowledged individuals who are no longer employed by Cutix and posthumously honoured deceased employees.

Ijeoma Oduonye, CEO of Cutix Plc, explained the company’s philosophy on long service award: She said, “Aligned with our corporate charter’s emphasis on fairness to all stakeholders, these awards acknowledge the valuable contributions of directors, staff, and distributors for every five years they dedicate to Cutix.”

She added that, “Remarkably, these awards are bestowed upon both current and past individuals who meet the stipulated criteria, regardless of their employment status. To our current awardees, your continued commitment and loyalty to Cutix throughout the years is deeply appreciated.”

She stressed the importance of recognizing those who have retired saying, “We value the contributions of those who have left Cutix, especially through retirement. Their hard work, dedication, and expertise remain part of our company’s legacy, and they will always be considered part of the Cutix family.”

Prof. Obi Nwosu, the chairman of the event, highlighted the positive impact of such initiatives: “This event significantly boosts the morale of Directors, staff and distributors. It serves as a remarkable example in fostering strong company-staff relationships, ultimately leading to increased motivation and productivity.”

He further commended the company’s leadership, stating, “We acknowledge the efforts of Engineer Ajulu Uzodike, Ambassador Okwudili Nwosu, directors, and the entire management team for making this award presentation a reality.”

Barrister Ifeoma Nwahiri, Chairman of the Company, expressed her pride: “Rewarding good work is a source of immense joy. We are particularly delighted that many of our current employees and distributors are children of our pioneer staff. Cutix has truly become a family-oriented company.”

One of the award recipients, Grace Obianom, expressed her gratitude, stating, “Cutix truly encourages personal and professional growth. This ceremony serves as an inspiration to other companies to implement similar initiatives.”

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