Spiro Introduces Electric Motorbikes into Nigeria’s Market


Spiro has deployed 13,000 electric motorbikes in Nigeria in a landmark expansion to change the mobility landscape of Africa’s largest economy.

Spiro’s expansion into the Nigerian market will see it in about eight major cities including Abeokuta, Ibadan, Lagos, and Abuja in an initiative aimed at substantially reducing carbon emissions while promoting environmental sustainability and enhancing the quality of life for Nigerians.

The company is present in key African markets including Togo, Benin, Kenya, and Rwanda with its eco-friendly electric vehicles (EVs) and pioneering battery-swapping technology. Spiro’s next plan is entry into the Ugandan and Ghanaian markets.

In Africa, greenhouse gas emissions from transportation are growing at a rate of 7 per cent each year in a continent where air pollution is the second biggest killer, associated with heart disease, stroke, and lung cancer. The latest study shows around 1.1 million people die prematurely from air pollution in Africa each year.

Spiro’s unique model is centred around battery swapping, allowing riders to use Spiro’s swapping stations, fast and slow chargers, and home charging solutions. The state of charge (SoC) technology significantly enhances the Spiro riding experience, offering a seamless, efficient, and environmentally friendly mode of transport.

The company’s expansion is further supported by strategic partnerships with Max, Dot and Onocon, which have accelerated the growth of Spiro’s charging network and made it an option for more people, contributing to substantially reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable development.

Spiro has strategic partnerships with Max, Dot and Onocon, who share its vision for a cleaner and healthier world, where riders can access affordable and reliable transportation and cutting-edge technology.

Spiro’s CEO Kaushik Burman commenting on the strategic partnership with Max in Nigeria, states that Max are established pioneers of electric vehicles in Nigeria as an eco-friendly and equally effective means of mobility.

Dot, founded in 2021, is a leading digital microfinance institution in Nigeria, democratizing the ownership of electric bikes in the country with a customer base of over 650,000 to which it provides comprehensive financial services.

The partnership with Onocon Royal Limited signifies Spiro’s strategic approach to penetrating the Nigerian market by leveraging local expertise and networks.

“Our expansion into Nigeria, in strategic partnership with Max, Dot and Onocon, marks a new chapter for Spiro and the broader EV ecosystem in Nigeria. We’ll deploy many bikes in our first year in Nigeria, as we enable a lifestyle shift towards cleaner, more sustainable transportation options. Our goal is to electrify mobility across Africa, and Nigeria as Africa’s economic powerhouse represents an important step on that journey”, says Burman.

A commitment to innovation, sustainability, and the enhancement of the African smart energy ecosystem underpins Spiro’s foray into Nigeria. The State of Charge (SoC) energy model and automated swap stations embody Spiro’s dedication to offering efficient, reliable, and environmentally friendly transportation solutions.

Spiro’s innovative battery swapping model which allows electric vehicle (EV) users to replace their depleted batteries with fully charged ones in mere seconds, as against the traditional charging methods which take longer time, stands at the core of its mission to redefine sustainable mobility across Africa.

Spiro says its operations model in Nigeria will include a well-established network of Swap-and-Go battery swapping stations, and a home charging option, giving riders more choice and freedom to charge whichever way suits their lifestyle best.

Its incursion into the Nigerian market has garnered strong support from local governments, including an endorsement from Governor Dapo Abiodun of Ogun State, who highlighted the multiple benefits of electric bikes.

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