DouYin, iPhone App Grosses $372M In Monthly Revenue


Douyin, the sister app to TikTok grosses $372 million monthly to become the major money spinner for Chinese tech giant ByteDance, higher by 30 per cent over TikTok which continues to dominate the social media space as the fastest-growing app in the market’s history according to data by

Douyin, launched in 2016, ahead of TikTok, grossed $372 million in July or nearly 30 per cent more than TikTok. Douyin was initially created for sharing music videos, and its powerful algorithm became the foundation for TikTok and has become a viral sensation in China. The app was

Beijing-based tech giant ByteDance owns both apps, and though similar, they play by starkly different rules. Moreover, content creators popular on Douyin are unknown outside China, and vice versa. Globally popular TikTok accounts have no followers in China. On top of that, Douyin rakes in far more revenue through in-app tipping and live streaming.

According to Statista and AppTweak data, Douyin was the top-grossing iPhone app worldwide, generating roughly $372 million in revenue in July. TikTok followed closely, with $324 million in revenue that month. Japanese comic reading app Piccoma came in third, with over $228 million in revenue. Honor of Kings and Tencent Videos followed, with roughly $165 million in revenues from iPhone users.

Douyin’s monthly revenue is even more impressive when compared to other apps in the social media space. YouTube grossed $89 million in the App Store the same month, or four times less than Douyin. Statistics show that the monthly revenue of ByteDance’s video-sharing app was also five times that of

Douyin’s impressive revenue figures result from its constantly growing user base. According to the Digital 2023 Global Overview Report, the app hit a whopping 715 million users this year, ranking as the fifth-largest social media platform globally, behind Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

That puts the Chinese short-video app far ahead of other top social media platforms. In comparison, Snapchat hit 635 million users in 2023, or 40 million less than Douyin, while Twitter had almost 160 million less users, or 556 million as of this year.

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